Friday, June 3, 2011

All About Friday 06.03.11


Really like these mini-Reese's without the wrappers. They're dandy.

Ruger seems to be doing a bit better with his scratching since we upped his allergy meds. Maybe he won't wake me up in the middle of the night scratching? Please?

97 degrees. Already. Hate to think what the rest of the summer is going to be like if this continues. We'll need to invest in another air conditioner. When the heat hits I get very thankful for my awesome counter top convection/toaster/traditional oven/broiler thingie. It was worth every penny.

I am thinking I might have a Lord of the Rings marathon this weekend. Maybe. If I can stay away from the computer long enough.

We had burgers and chips for dinner. Good stuff.

I hope your day was blessed.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

All About Thursday 06.02.11


I am tired. Why I am so tired is a mystery, but I am. Charlie thinks it might be the weather.

We didn't make it to church last night because I had the beginnings of a panic attack on the way out of town. I'm not sure why but bipolar is bipolar. It seemed like it was mostly due to sensory issues, though. I felt like my clothes were going to choke me and that if I entered the auditorium I would be stuck with no way out. Church on the Move has a very loud, vibrant, and exuberant worship and I wasn't in a place where that would be comfortable. Most of the time I'm fine there. So we drove out to see my mother-in-law and Charlie's grandpa and visited with them awhile. I was finally able to bring her the collage I made for her from the pictures I took the day Bee was born. We also took them our coffee because we are not drinking coffee anymore and I had mini-stash going.

Caught up with last night's So You Think You Can Dance episode. Couple things sticking out in my mind:
  • The girl who said her father was the real Ringo Starr AND her dad who BELIEVES he is the real Ringo Starr both need help. I don't say that flippantly, either. If she's grown up her whole life with her father making that claim, no wonder she is delusional herself. It was very sad to see.
  • Dude who auditioned in next-to-nothing? I think his name was Chase? Wow. Just wow. I couldn't believe the height he reached with his jumps. He needs to be a bit careful of what he says on camera, though. Telling the audience that your ex-fiance cheated on you wasn't a real good topic.
  • Krump dancer from New York. Amazing at what he did but being disrespectful to Lil' C and Russell was bad.
  • Mary Kate, the Irish Step Dancer, was great and I'm glad she went through to Vegas. I will be surprised if she makes the final 20, though. I didn't think she did that strongly in the choreography round.

Mail day was another good one...
  • Product test about which I can say nothing else.
  • Downy softener sample

I have to be up early to take Charlie to work, do some menu planning, and go grocery shopping tomorrow. It's going to be a bit busy but productive which is a good thing.

Poor Ruger. His allergies are still in overdrive.

I just started a re-read of Robert Jordan's The Fires of Heaven. I have lost track of how many times I've read this series because as soon as I reach the last book, I just start over with the first book. I'm sure there are other good books out there. Somewhere.

I hope your day was blessed.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All About Wednesday 06.01.11


Can you believe it's June 2011 already? I have typed the wrong month all day long!

I used French's Dried Onions and breadcrumbs to make my own "shake-n-bake" and made chicken tonight. I also made Alexia's Saute Reds potatoes. Wow. They were a bit more than I normally pay for a side dish but I had a coupon so I tried them. They are really really good. I ate all the green beans though because Poppa doesn't like them when they've been frozen. We tried the Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries and I did not like them at all. Not even a bit and I really enjoy sweet potatoes. Alec and Poppa seemed to like them, though.

Going to church in a bit so I won't catch tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance until tomorrow. They are still in auditions but it's been nice that they haven't focused a lot on the crazy ones. Those make me wince.

I hope your day was blessed.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All About Tuesday 05.31.11

Cool stuff in the mail today...all cool stuff...which is nice. No bills or junk mail.

I got:
  • A Senda Happy Gram that I won from Grandma's Guide to Life...I sent it to Alec and it definitely made him smile. Great customer service from the ladies at Senda Happy Gram, too.
  • Rockin' coupon book from P&G...about $35 worth
  • Free coupon for any Raid product up to $7.75 because I did Couponing to Disney's 5 a Day
  • Alec got his paycheck from Walmart that was sent here after the tornado. Now he can get his car fixed, buy car insurance, and get new contacts. :::throws confetti:::

I finally took my one prescription to the pharmacist...I was about at my 30 day limit and the script was about to expire. I really didn't want to have to get another one from my doctor.

I entered lots of giveaways and sweeps today...I am working on a goal of a minimum of 500 entered per day. I'm at about 200 now. Thank you Sweep! program and RoboForm because if I didn't have those tools to create a working system I wouldn't be able to get as many done in a day.

Pets doing good. Ruger really needs groomed but since he won't let anyone pick him up without biting them, I'm not sure how to accomplish that. I am going to have to seek some professional pointers because it gets too hot in Oklahoma for him not to get groomed. Flea season is upon us and that will have to be dealt with, too. I really want to know why fleas were created. I'm not being smart about it, either, I truly want to know because I'm confuzzled about the whole thing. Other bugs, as gross and annoying as they are, still provide a function. What do fleas do except annoy?

I am making Hamburger Helper and Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries for dinner. I got a coupon for the fries and I'm really curious to see what they taste like. If it's not good, we'll all be eating PB&J for supper. Is it supper or dinner where you are? I interchange the two because midday is always simply "lunch."

I think we have finally given up on coffee. I'm finding that I like hot tea as well and coffee has just gotten soooo expensive.

Caught up on "Doctor Who" last night. Wow. I knew something was up but the end of "The Almost People" is not only a game-changer for the rest of the season, but also completely changes the first 5 episodes. I am liking Rory a whole lot more this season and am happy to see Matt Smith come into his own with this role. Although, I do still miss David Tennant.

I hope you all had a blessed day.


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