Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All About Tuesday 05.31.11

Cool stuff in the mail today...all cool stuff...which is nice. No bills or junk mail.

I got:
  • A Senda Happy Gram that I won from Grandma's Guide to Life...I sent it to Alec and it definitely made him smile. Great customer service from the ladies at Senda Happy Gram, too.
  • Rockin' coupon book from P&G...about $35 worth
  • Free coupon for any Raid product up to $7.75 because I did Couponing to Disney's 5 a Day
  • Alec got his paycheck from Walmart that was sent here after the tornado. Now he can get his car fixed, buy car insurance, and get new contacts. :::throws confetti:::

I finally took my one prescription to the pharmacist...I was about at my 30 day limit and the script was about to expire. I really didn't want to have to get another one from my doctor.

I entered lots of giveaways and sweeps today...I am working on a goal of a minimum of 500 entered per day. I'm at about 200 now. Thank you Sweep! program and RoboForm because if I didn't have those tools to create a working system I wouldn't be able to get as many done in a day.

Pets doing good. Ruger really needs groomed but since he won't let anyone pick him up without biting them, I'm not sure how to accomplish that. I am going to have to seek some professional pointers because it gets too hot in Oklahoma for him not to get groomed. Flea season is upon us and that will have to be dealt with, too. I really want to know why fleas were created. I'm not being smart about it, either, I truly want to know because I'm confuzzled about the whole thing. Other bugs, as gross and annoying as they are, still provide a function. What do fleas do except annoy?

I am making Hamburger Helper and Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries for dinner. I got a coupon for the fries and I'm really curious to see what they taste like. If it's not good, we'll all be eating PB&J for supper. Is it supper or dinner where you are? I interchange the two because midday is always simply "lunch."

I think we have finally given up on coffee. I'm finding that I like hot tea as well and coffee has just gotten soooo expensive.

Caught up on "Doctor Who" last night. Wow. I knew something was up but the end of "The Almost People" is not only a game-changer for the rest of the season, but also completely changes the first 5 episodes. I am liking Rory a whole lot more this season and am happy to see Matt Smith come into his own with this role. Although, I do still miss David Tennant.

I hope you all had a blessed day.



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Joyce Lansky said...

I know what you mean about costs of stuff! Sounds like you've got this figured out though. Good luck with the contests. At 500 a day, you're bound to win something. I tend to win a lot of books because I enter those contests. That's the trick to winning . . . you have to enter.

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